Anti-theft Rear Light
Anti-theft Rear Light

Anti-theft Rear Light

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  • Smart Alarm – It will sound when someone touches your bike
  • 105 dB – Makes sure that everyone hears it
  • Remote Control – Wifi remote makes it possible to control the alarm from a distance
  • USB Rechargeable – you can charge these lights just like you charge your phone
  • Waterproof - Has an excellent IP65 rating
  • Installation Tools – Included for your convenience
  • Cables Included – We include USB cables for your convenience
  • Aerodynamic – Designed to reduce wind resistance 
  • Easy to Clean - High-quality materials make it easy to clean
  • Easy to Install - Simple system makes it very easy and fast to install on your bike

Don't want to get your bike stolen? Anti-theft rear light sounds an alarm anytime someone touches your bike and prevents the thieves from taking your bike.

Its sensors detect even the slightest of touches making sure that the bike stays safe.

Also, it has an integrated horn to warn pedestrians who are walking on the bike lane. The horn is triggered by pressing the button on the remote control and works at distances up to 50m.

We have added an automatic brake sensor making this a smart light. Anytime that you break, it will light up to warn other traffic participants who are behind you.


You can ride it in any weather condition

Cables are included in the package

Lights on both sides ensure your safety

Customer Reviews

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Braulio Collins

Package is good. Light is high quality. Connection with the seller is good. They responded to my emails very fast. Overall completely satisfied! Thanks!!!

Gladyce Witting

All ok, free 12 days in Italy. Light is amazing. Alarm is loud. All recommendations!

Darion Raynor

Everything looks good. The light looks very useful! Conversation with the seller is good. They responded to every email that i have sent. In total, very glad that i have bought this. Thanks

Zetta Crist

Buena alarma,en mi caso la he puesto en el manillar del patinete con el soporte que llevaba, muy completa con sus herramientas y queda bien fuerte

Shayne Nolan

A good alarm for you to leave your bike safely. It has different shades and the sensitivity can be adjusted. -Doorbell for warning. -Brake light by sensor and different position lights. Besides connecting when you move the bike and stand at 30s. To leave her. Very happy with the purchase. I'll ask one more for my partner in the future:)