4 in 1 Front Light
4 in 1 Front Light
4 in 1 Front Light
4 in 1 Front Light
4 in 1 Front Light

4 in 1 Front Light

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  • Phone Holder – 1.9 – 3.1 inch phone width 
  • Light - Strong light with a couple of modes
  • Horn – Loud speakers used as a horn, with a couple of sounds to choose from
  • Power Bank – Can charge your phone while riding
  • Horn Button - Separate button can be placed near your handgrips for convenience 
  • Waterproof - Made by High-quality sealed plastic
  • Shock Pads – Soft rubber absorbs the shocks from riding so that your phone stays safe 
  • Aerodynamic - Designed to minimize wind resistance
  • Easy to Clean - High-quality materials makes it easy to clean
  • Easy to Install - Simple system makes it very easy and fast to install on your bike

Want to have your phone easily accessible, and charge it avidet the same time, while riding? A front light with a loud electric horn? This gadget replaces four devices and saves space on your bike!

This gadget has an integrated horn to warn those pedestrians who are walking in the bike lane!
Different light modes to choose from

It can charge the phone even while riding

It can work in any weather


Clasp system makes it fast and easy to install on your bike

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Watson Champlin

Consistent with the description. Very fast delivery.

Jedediah Murazik

4 in 1 Front Light

Joey Schultz


Carmel Hintz

The goods are excellent, but the delivery is pretty long

Ezekiel Pollich

He arrived 1 month before the estimate in very good condition. Recommended.